1. The Regulations define the rules for the provision of services, liability and stay in the apartments of Zojka-Rent and is an integral part of the contract, which conclusion is made by making a reservation. Making the above activities, the guest confirms that he has read the regulations and accepted his terms.

2. The Regulations apply to all persons staying in the Zojka-Rent apartments.




1. Apartment reservation is made by:


  • e-mail or telephone booking,

  • on-line - through a specialized online booking platform or Zojka-Rent homepage - instant booking.


2. Booking rules e-mail / tel:


  • Must be confirmed by Zojka-Rent by return e-mail. The final price is the price shown on the booking confirmation.
  • After confirming the reservation, the whole amount of the stay or prepayment (advance payment) must be paid in the amount of 20% of the stay - however not less than the cost of one day's stay. The payment for the stay or advance payment is made within one day from the date of booking confirmation. Payments are made by bank transfer to the account indicated in the booking confirmation. After receiving the payment, a return information will be sent with confirmation of its receipt.
  • If the advance payment is not paid within 24 hours, the reservation is automatically canceled. The guest may be asked to send a bank transfer confirmation via e-mail.
  • In the case of a reservation whose arrival date falls within 5 days (counting from the date of booking), the advance payment is not collected and the Guest is obliged to pay the amount for the whole stay) In the event of no guest arriving at the facility, the advance payment or advance payment is non-refundable. In the event of cancellation of the reservation 5-0 days before the date of arrival, the advance payment is not refundable.
  • 5 days before of check-in, the guest is obliged to pay the remaining or the entire rental amount by bank transfer.


3. Booking rules online:


are set out on the online booking portal / Zojka-Rent website. The prices displayed on the booking portal / Zojka-Rent website are final prices. The guest receives an immediate booking confirmation.


4. Zojka-Rent has the right to reserve the possibility of accepting only reservations made online.


5. The prices given in the booking confirmation and these regulations are gross prices.


6. You may be required to present your identity card or other document confirming the identity of the registered person to check in.


7. In case of refusal to show a document with a photo confirming his identity, the apartment may refuse to check in.


8. Unsubscribed guests may stay in the Guest Suite outside of the quiet hours - from 7:00 to 22:00. The number of people who have to live in the facility is limited to the number reported in the booking process. If the number of people turns out to be greater than the one provided at booking, the Guest undertakes to pay a contractual penalty.

If the number of people in the Zojka-Rent apartment is exceeded, they may also refuse to hand over the keys.


9. Zojka-Rent may refuse to accept a Guest who during the previous stay grossly violated the regulations, in particular by causing damage to the property of the apartment or building in which he is located or the property of Guests, damage to the Guest, service and other people staying in the apartment.


10. Zojka-Rent may refuse to accept a Guest who in the opinion of service threatens property or safety, health, life, image of other people.


11. In case of non-cancellation of the reservation within the prescribed period, included in the booking conditions or in case of no arrival at the scheduled time Zojka-Rent will charge the guest according to the reservation conditions indicated at the time of making the reservation.


12. Extending the day (stay) is possible only if free dates are available.


13. The period of stay may be shortened with the reservation that the collected payment for the remaining rental period will not be refunded.


14. Zojka-Rent reserves the right to refuse to extend the stay.


15. Zojka-Rent reserves the right to collect a deposit to protect against possible damage. Zojka-Rent will inform the guest about the rules of payment of the deposit and its amount prior to check-in. The deposit may be charged up to PLN 300.


16. The deposit is refundable within 4 business days after leaving the apartment, after deducting the amount of possible damages.


17. Claims for damages over and above the deposit amount are not excluded.


18. After booking, the guest receives an automatic e-mail confirmation from the apartment - the reservation confirmation contains information about the regulations of stay. If the Guest does not agree to the provisions of the Regulations, he may cancel the reservation free of charge up to 24 hours after booking, even if he has made a non-refundable booking. For reservations made less than 24 hours before check-in, the guest can cancel the reservation free of charge before checking in only by directly contact with Zojka-Rent.


19. The apartment is rented for days - according to the date specified in the reservation.


20. The day in the apartments starts and ends in the hours specified by the particular apartment - the check-in and check-out times have always been indicated in the apartment rental offer and on the booking confirmation.


21. Handing over of the keys on the day of check-in / out is done in the manner and time agreed with the person responsible for handing over / picking up the keys.


22. The guest is obliged to inform at least one day before arrival about the planned check-in time.




1. The guest may use the apartment only for housing purposes and may not sub-rent it.

 In the case of reservations regarding the quality of the service, the Guest is asked to immediately report the service to the facility, which will allow immediate reaction.


2. The apartment is obliged to provide guests with: safety of stay, including security of keeping secret information about the guest, professional and courteous service, unrestricted stay in the apartment.


3. The apartment service has the right to enter the rented apartment without the Guest's permission in case of: security of guests or property, in case of non-compliance with the apartment's regulations, suspicion of behavior that may significantly affect the condition of the apartment, or other situations inconsistent with the rules of social coexistence.


4. During the Guest's stay in the apartment, cleaning and food services are not provided.


5. The guest has the right to use the designated parking place - if the reservation includes a parking space (for a private parking space in the garage hall - an additional fee of PLN 50 per stay).


6. If the building in which the apartment is located, other services are provided, eg gym, spa, bicycle rental - the guest can use them for an additional fee paid to the entities providing these services.




1. The guest is obliged to keeping silence, not to organize parties, not to smoke and to observe the rules of social coexistence and good neighborhood, to keep clean in the premises, stairwells and within the building occupied and maintain rented apartment in proper technical condition and observance of other rules regarding apartment use, provided by Zojka-Rent on the day of check-in.


2. Minors should be in the apartment under the constant supervision of legal guardians. Legal guardians are financially liable for any damage to items of equipment and technical devices created as a result of the actions of minors, over whom they are obliged to provide care.

3. The Guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of the apartment and building in which he is located, resulting from his fault or the fault of persons staying with him or visiting him. The guest bears contractual penalties, in particular for:


  • Destruction of bed linen - 100 PLN per piece,
  • Destruction of towels - PLN 50 per piece,
  • Loss of keys from the apartment / car park - PLN 100 per piece,
  • For smoking in the apartment - PLN 500,
  • The animal in the room - 100 PLN for each day,
  • For more than the number of guests specified in the reservation - PLN 100 for an additional person per night,
  • For deteriorating the condition of an apartment or building and damage or destruction of things and equipment in the apartment - the amount equivalent to their repair or purchase of new equipment or things,
  • For the devastation of an apartment or part of a building - the amount constituting the price of repairs and an amount equivalent to the price of renting an apartment for the period of exclusion from sale,
  • For leaving the apartment in a state of great disorder - PLN 150.


4. If the Zojka-Rent representative is disturbed by the guest's night disturbance or general order and is called to the apartment or the Municipal Police or Police are asked to intervene, Zojka-Rent will be entitled to immediate termination of the contract due to the failure of the guest without reimbursement of costs and at the same time the right to charge the Guest with a fine of 500 PLN, regardless of the amount of penalties imposed by the Police or the City Training, which are covered entirely by the Guest.


5. Each time a guest leaving the apartment, for safety reasons should turn off the taps, close the doors and windows.


6. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use in the hotel rooms heaters and other similar devices that do not constitute room equipment.


7. Staying in an apartment with an animal is prohibited.


8. If a pet is allowed in a given apartment, guests traveling with pets are required to inform the staff at the booking stage. If this information is not provided at the booking stage, please inform the apartment service at check-in. An additional fee of 50 PLN per pet per night may apply for stays with pets. Zojka-Rent reserves the right to deny check-in to a guest traveling with an animal.


9. In case of violation of the provisions of the regulations, Zojka-Rent has the right to refuse to continue providing services to the person who violates them.


10. Zojka-Rent is not responsible for any items left in the apartment by the Guests during their stay, including damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest, items left in it and live animals, regardless of whether the vehicle has been parked on a parking place belonging to the apartment or outside this place. Parking in the apartment building is an unsecured car park.


11. In the event of damage, the Guest should notify the Service about the occurrence of damage immediately after its detection.


12. The guest is obliged to immediately inform the facility's staff about any damage, breakdowns, accidents and other fortuitous events, deficiencies found in the facility and to report damage caused by them during their stay.


13. Items of personal use left in the apartment will be sent to the address indicated by the Guest at his cost.


14. If the Guest does not receive the instructions to send back the items left, the apartment will store the items at the expense of the owner for one year, and after that period these items will become the property of Zojka-Rent.


15. If it is not possible to call the Guest to pick up the item found within 2 years from the day it was found, the item left becomes the property of the finder.


16. Claims for damages resulting from the loss of items brought into the apartment shall expire one year from the date of discontinuation of using the services of the apartment.


17. Zojka-Rent does not store food, medicines or other items that may be destroyed or expired.




1. Guests have the right to file complaints with the facility's staff in case of noticing the deficiencies in the quality of services provided.


2. Complaints should be submitted immediately after noticing the weaknesses in the standard of services provided.


3. If the breaking of the smoking ban by the Guest triggers a fire alarm, which results in the intervention of the fire brigade, the Guest will be charged with a penalty related to the costs of intervention of the fire brigade.


4. Hazardous goods can not be stored in hotel rooms.


5. It is forbidden to conduct on the premises of the building in which the apartment is to be bought and sold.


6. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the rooms and common areas of the building.


7. The price includes: local tax and payment for preparing the apartment for the stay of the Guest.


8. On request of the Guest during stay longer than 4 days Zojka-Rent may perform the additional cleaning service during the stay, for an additional fee in the amount of the fee for preparing the facility.


9. If the Guest wishes to receive an invoice, Zojka-Rent is obliged to inform Zojka-Rent not later than within 7 days after the end of the stay.


10. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, the consequences of which can not be eliminated by usual measures and in case of occurrences of force majeure (eg flood, failure of the water supply system, power network failure, etc.) or when the safety of the Guest or his property, for reasons independent of the owner, it can not be guaranteed - the owner has the right to cancel the contract immediately. In this case, the amount paid by the customer is subject to immediate refund, minus the amounts due for services already provided.


11. Any disputes that can not be settled amicably shall be settled by the court competent for the Zojka-Rent registered office.




According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), we are obliged to inform you on how your personal data is administered by us.


  • your data is administrated by Zojka-Rent Baczyńskiego 8c/1 Gdańsk

  • contact with the Data Protection Inspector – kancelaria@giodo.gov.pl

  • your personal data is processing is necessary for the performance of a contract. Processing of personal data is based on the article 6, paragraph 1, point b. of the GDPR.

  • The data provided by you will be subject to disclosure to third parties authorized by law and suppliers of the extra services booked by you via us.

  • Your data will be stored for the period of 1 year.

  • You hold the right to access your personal data, correct the incorrect data and complete the incorrect data, demanding deleting your data, raising objections to the processing of personal data or moving your data to other administrators. You also have the right to revoke the consent to process personal data at any moment. 

  • You hold the right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority.

  • Providing your personal data is a requirement to enter the contract and denial to provide them might result with refusal of the provision of service.

Regulations and rules of stay 


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Regulation and rules of stay